Windows 10 Installation

We will only have guides on the latest Microsoft Opertaing systems. This guide will be updated as needed. Please note that, if you would like to have an installation guide for other Microsoft Operating systems, you may request it in the forums section. 


You can download Windows 10 to DVD or USB by using the media creation tool. Google Microsoft Windows 10 media creation tool and download it. 

After Downloading and burning to DVD or USB:

1. Purchase a Windows 10 Home, if you are a regular user, or Windows 10 Pro, if you are a business user, product key from Microsoft

2. Insert the DVD or USB into the computer. 

3. Press F1, F2, Delete or the letter C to enter the BIOS. (Some computers let you pick the boot device by pressing F10 or F12. Also, these are the common buttons. There could be others. Check the User manual for your motherboard.)

4. Follow the instructions until it gets to the partitions screen. Choose the largest partition and select erase. Then click the newly erased partition and click next. 

5. Follow all instructions. Cortana hand holds you through the whole thing. 

6. Once installation is done, install all drivers for sound, video, wifi, etc. 

7. Install an antivirus

8. Let windows do over 48 hours of updates.  

 Please note: No person or company paid me to say anything about any of the topics above. These are my opinions and what I have observed using the program personally. Your experience may vary. I am not responsible for any data loss that may occur. Use my guides at your own risk.

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