Printer Installation

So, it's time for a new printer. Or maybe you need to reinstall the one you have. Let's see how to best do this. 




1. Insert the CD that came with your printer or go to the manufacturer website and download the drivers from there. 


2. Run the driver installation and then choose how your Printer will connect to your computer. (USB, Parallel or WIFI) then follow the propmpts on the software. 


3. Connect the printer when told to do so or after the installation has finished. If connecting via Parallel, you will need to shut the machine off first before you can connect the printer. If connecting via USB, plug in the cable into an availalbe USB port and follow the directions on the screen. If connecting via WIFI, you will need to allow the program to connect to your router by providing the Security key for the router, if you have one. 


4. Once the printer is installed, print a test page to make sure it printed correctly. If it did, you're all set. 




1. Download the drivers for your printer from the manufacturer website, make sure you set the OS option on the website to Mac or Apple, if it's not already set. 


2.  Insert the USB cable if connecting via USB, otherwise, double click the file you downloaded and run the installer.


3. When propted, enter your network details if connecting via WIFI. 


4. When setup completes, print a test page. 




NOTE: Some printers, especially Canon printers, are not compatible with linux and therefore you cannot use it. Make sure to check with the store or the manufacturer if using Linux. 


1. If connecting via parallel, turn off the computer, plug in the cable and turn it back on. If connecting via USB, plug the USB cable into an availalble port. 


2. In the settings menu, locate Devices or Printers. Open the app and click add printer. It should autodetect the printer. Just click it's name and follow the prompts. If you are connecting via WIFI, in the menu when you click add printer, there should be a drop down menu under "Network Printers". Select your printer when it shows up. 


3. When the app has finished, print a test page. If it works, your done. 


Please note: No person or company paid me to say anything about any of the topics above. These are my opinions and what I have observed using the program personally. Your experience may vary. I am not responsible for any data loss that may occur. Use my guides at your own risk.

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