• Finally, I found my Distribution!

    Fedora. You all know I love it. But, I hate Gnome. That's my personal preference, you may like it and that great. I don't. I don't like how it looks and how it organizes things. Then there is KDE. I like it, but my computers don't. One of my PC's had lag opening the menu and it's a Quad Core i5. But then I found Fedora Cinnamon Edition. I have never been so happy. Linux Mint developed Cinnamon and while I love it, and Linux Mint is by no means a bad distro, I like Fedora better. And having them both is a dream come true. 


    I cant say enough good things about it. I love Fedora and will never go back. I can do my job and not be distracted, I can play my entire steam library with proton and I will never have to worry about viruses. It's a win win! Fedora checks all the boxes and it works out of the box with Nvidia. If you tried Fedora in the past and hated it, I strongly suggest trying Fedora Cinnamon edition and then tell me if you still hate it. 

  • Desktop replacement laptops, Practical or frivolous?

    Can you use a laptop to replace your desktop pc? Let's take a look at the practicality of this practice. 


    Desktop computers can do pretty much anything. There is nothing that they can't do. However, what about laptops? Can they do what desktop computers do? Some of them can and some of them can't. 


    One of the best desktop replacement examples is Mac. The iMac is Apple's flagship desktop PC. It's the most powerful they have. The iMac can go online, play games, run businesses, edit videos and music and help organize your home or office. Now then, the most powerful laptop Apple makes is the Macbook Pro. It too can render videos, play games, go online, run businesses. All the same things that the iMac can do, the Macbook Pro can do, and it can do it on the go. 


    For PC, some laptops are better than others. A basic laptop with a celeron processor is not useful to run high level, graphic intensive programs. However, a laptop with an intel i7 or better or the latest AMD Ryzen can do what a desktop Windows PC can do. 


    In conclusion, a laptop can replace a Desktop PC, given that the correct laptop is used. It can run many programs that desktop PC's use and they work just as good. The only thing you sacrifice is the ability to upgrade. 

  • Can you use a cheaper PC?

    Cheaper PC's are great when you need a plain, basic PC. However, there are many PC's you can pick from. So the question is, which one is right for me? Let's find out. 


    So, if you need to surf the internet and maybe type up reports and maybe a game here or there, even on social media, you need a decent PC, but one that doesn't break the bank. A Pentium is what will work for this purpose. A Celeron is something you should avoid. It's just not worth it. It's slow and unresponsive and it can't do much. Also, AMD is good, but avoid a Dual Core AMD. For an AMD PC, make sure it's a Quad Core or better. 


    For gaming, you'll need  a beefy CPU. Intel's i7 and i9 is fabulous for this purpose. The i7 is an excellent processor and the i9 is even better but is twice the price. It depends on what you need. If you are playing the games released on game day, with the bleeding edge programs, you'll want an i9. If you are playing games that are a few months old and you need a mix of both work and play, the i7 is your best bet. AMD's Ryzen CPU is awesome. The Ryzen, 5th Gen and up, is a really good system. It's also good for a mix of work and play. 

  • Why I will never recommend Windows

    When I first got into computers, my first operating system was Windows 98. I loved it. I spent hours changing system settings and using regedit to customize it to my liking. That's what made it great! Then came Windows XP. It was, is and always will be the best Operating System Microsoft ever invented. It worked with everything, it was easy to use and Windows XP also had to save the company during the Windows Vista fiasco. I still use my Windows XP machine from time to time. 


    Today, it is a completely different story. Ever since Windows 8, Microsoft has failed to anazyle what thier user base wants. Windows 8 was a complete failure. Windows 10 failed to impress as well but it did do better than Windows 8. Then there is the insidious evil that is Windows 11. I want to make this perfectly clear. If you make an operating system with the sole intention of forcing massive amounts of people to ditch their perfectly good computers to buy new ones because your programmers are dumber than a sack of potatoes, evil is too kind a word for you. 


    Now I know people will say that Microsoft had to give up some stability and security for the sake of compatibility. My answer to this is Debian, a linux distro which is rock solid and secure, and is the basis of many other distrobutions, including Ubuntu, and Fedora, which has Fort Knox security, for free. Linux programmers are the best of the best in their field. Do not tell me you cannot make Windows stable and secure because it has to work with everything if Linux can do it and it can run on 99% of the computers out there. 


    I feel that Microsoft has a chance to redeem themselves here. One update is all it takes and the TPM requirement can go away. This means that many more people can use Windows 11 and it would be worth upgrading to. But as it is right now, Microsoft can choke on the stock of Windows 11 they have. Microsoft continues to amaze me by finding new ways to screw over the people who use it. 


    If you are a Windows user, you have no excuse to not try Linux. You can run both on the same hard drive, you don't even have to install it to use it and Linux is better in every way, when compared to the Dumpster fire that is Modern Windows. This is why I never recommend Windows on my site. Poor business practices, hiring bottom of the barrell programmers, forcing people to buy new computers, massive security issues, and the general mistreatment of their base. When they change all of that, I will recommend Windows.  

  • Is Windows still a good option?

    Windows is still the most used Operating System and it's not hard to see why. Windows works on many devices, not just personal computers. Self checkout machines, ATM's and so many other devices that it's no wonder why it's so popular. But the question remains, is it still a viable option?


    Yes, Windows is still good, but it's not what it used to be. Microsoft picked profit over it's users. Many computers are very unstable using Windows, but that's not all Microsoft's fault. The problem comes with trying to be compatible with everything. Microsoft is trying to fix this problem by killing off most computers that are less than 3 years old. At least Apple still supports devices made in 2015. 


    You know how I feel about Microsoft. They have great peripherals but Windows is a mess. I would not reccommend Windows 11 unless you have an ultra modern computer. Windows 10 in my opinion is better than Windows 11. 


    So should you use Windows 11 daily? If your computer is very, very, very new, yes. It will work great for you. If your computer is a little older, Windows 10 is still your best bet. However, if you are looking for something better than Windows, might I suggest Mac or Linux. Both of which are better in almost every category. 

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